FML Proudly Welcomes Scott Butler to the Team!

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FML is pleased to welcome the addition of Scott Butler to its leadership team. Scott joined FML in January 2019 as General Manager, and he oversees the company’s day-to-day operations in Houston. Scott brings more than 25 years of hard-earned logistics experience in multiple areas of the industry, including stevedoring, trucking, and freight management. Prior to joining FML, Scott worked in business development for Gulf Stream Marine, as a terminal/CFS manager for Shippers Stevedoring Company, and in domestic and worldwide operations at Alliance International Forwarders, Inc.

“I’m thrilled to be working for FML,” said Scott. “This part of the industry – transloading, trucking, and container handling – has always been a strength of mine. After working in business development for the last few years, I’m glad to be back on the operations side of the business and to have the opportunity to do what I love. FML has a strong team, and I look forward to growing the company and building upon our existing connections to expand our network and footprint.”

In his free time, Scott takes a break from the constant on-the-go world of logistics management by competitively racing his car at breakneck speeds in rally races. In the 2018 Chihuahua Express, Scott and his racing partner took their supercharged 1997 Mazda Miata to an 8th place overall finish out of a group of 41 entrants in the unlimited speed category. Click here for a clip of Scott racing to Ojinaga, Mexico on Day 3 of the event.

Let Us Help You

With broad experience in all areas of freight movement and warehousing, we provide services to a variety of corporations both large and small. FML will negotiate competitive freight rates, establish supplier contracts, select the most cost-effective suppliers, and manage both your inbound and outbound business. In addition, FML offers cost-effective “bulk” rates for all modes of transportation and related services. We are your turnkey solution to transportation management.